We Love to Offer Authentic Products!

Over 30 years of experience has showed us the good, the bad and the ugly in shopping.  But just like a pendulum's swing, eventually it stops dead in the middle.  

And dead in the middle is the best place to be today.

Who ever would have thought shopping, eating out and entertaining entities would have to rewrite themselves in order to continue doing business after this pandemic.  We believe consumers want to hear the truth about how businesses will operate authentically and realistically in the new norm world.

We love working with companies who hold those same values.  Honesty, Kindness and Realism.

PND Enterprises offers a new TRUST in the new norm world.  An AUTHENTIC, REAL TRUST.  You're real and so are we.  We source our store products only from the United States and with the highest quality materials.  If you ever have any problems, be assured that we will hear you.

Denise Welch