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California and Ohio Locations


PND Enterprises, Inc. has over 25 years of customer-focused performance success in technology driven areas. PND Enterprises’ strength is in identifying and solving customer challenges with deep expertise in the materials sciences for engineered rubber, plastic, metal, flexible environmental sealing and energy management solutions. PND Enterprises’ core competencies is our experienced, global team focuses on the development of custom fabricated solutions and world class supply chains across a wide array of end markets and manufacturing technologies. We provide an extensive range of product offerings that can support your organization in areas such as environmental seals and gasketsthermal management components, extruded rubber and plasticmolded rubber and plasticEMI shielding and much more.

Our mission is to provide customers with innovative solutions through value added products and superior service to consistently increase the economic value of PND Enterprises.  In addition we use
value pricing initiative 
to encourage customer convenience by reducing wasteful practices.


Our daily values are Business Savvy, Innovation & Creativity, Customer Focused, Execution Excellence, Collaboration & Respect, Business Transformation, People & Culture Development. 

What you can expect

PND Enterprises is committed to customer advocacy and customer service excellence. We deliver to you high touch customer service, seamless across our global facilities and optimized for your complex supply chains. In addition, responsiveness is key. We understand that in today’s marketplace there is high demand for compressed product development cycles and swift results. 

PND Enterprises focuses on its people, technology, innovation, materials, logistics and an unmatched, best cost global footprint. 

Thank you for your consideration and for choosing PND Enterprises and we look forward to working with you soon.


At PND Enterprises, we take great pride in providing you with excellent customer service and on-time delivery.  With many years of service we know how to professionally meet your needs.


Everyone of our partners has the highest standards of quality necessary in the industry including 

ISO/QS/AS certifications.  We understand how important it is to be fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.


We treat every one of our customers like family.  You will always receive our full attention with the highest level of  personalized service.  GUARANTEED!